Exhibition: “Hinter den sieben Bergen” (“Over the hills and far away”)

vera_hoess-maedchen_mit_hase foto_turmgalerie_aussen Turmgalerie Imst 

“Hinter den sieben Bergen”
- Oil Paintings -


Vernissage: Friday, 08.04.2011, 7 pm
Welcome speech: Kulturreferentin GR Sandra Friedl-Doblander.


Duration: 8. April – 12. Mai 2011


Turmgalerie Imst
Schustergasse 27
Tel. 05412/64331


Opening hours:
Thuesday – Firday 3 pm – 6 pm
Saturday 10 am – 12 am


Die Träumerin (“The dreamer”)

Die Träumerin

Oil on canvas, 2011
70 x 100 cm

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Oil on canvas, 2011
50 x 40 cm

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Schlafen, vielleicht auch träumen (“Sleeping, maybe dreaming”)

Schlafen, vielleicht auch träumen

Oil on canvas, 2010
60 x 70 cm

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Hinter den sieben Bergen … (“Over the hills and far away …”)

Hinter den sieben Bergen...

Oil on canvas, 2010
100 x 80 cm

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Mädchen mit Drachen (“Maid with dragon”)

Mädchen mit Drachen

Oil on canvas, 2009
70 x 50 cm

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A long way…

The creation of a picture normally takes me between one and three months.
Sometimes it needs more years to finish a painting. The picture „Die Versuchung“
(“The Temptation”) for instance, I had started to paint in 2005 and the last stroke
was done this year just before the exhibition „Es ist, was es ist…“ (“It is what it is…”).
These photos show three different stations of the painting.

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Vernissage and exhibition at the gallery R2

For everybody, who could not visit the exhibition, there are some photos…

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It is what it is…

Some of the pictures, I will show in the exihibition „It is what it is…“:

The phrase „It is what it is“, which Erich Fried used to sketch the ineffable of love, should invite you to look, so that the paintings can unfold their whole impression.

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Es ist, was es ist… (“It is what it is…”)

Exhibition with Stefan Palaver in Vienna!

Vera Höss and Stefan Palaver
It is what it is…

Vera Höss Stefan Palaver

R2 Galerie, Philosophische Werkstatt & Verein Artes Liberales

Tuesday, 13.7.2010, 7 pm

Welcome speech:
Irmgard Klammer (philosopher)

12. – 19. July 2010

Opening hours:
Tue. – Fr. 3 pm – 7 pm, Sat. 10 am – 3 pm

R2 Galerie, 1070 Wien, Lindengasse 61-63
Philosophische Werkstatt & Verein Artes Liberales
www.tychen.at | klammer@tychen.at | 0660 84 77 200

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